Monsters of Rochester

monsters of rochester

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Best played with with headphones

Can you find the monsters hiding in Rochester’s historic streets? This December, Real Medway and Swale releases Monsters of Rochester. Help track down a menagerie of beasts who have escaped from their cages and are roaming free across the city.

Let your smartphone become a portal to a different world, as you hunt for hidden stories. Images of monsters, ghosts and other unusual creations will appear in your camera, telling their tales and taking you on journeys around Medway and Swale.

We would love to see your in game photos, share them on Facebook or Tweet #rochestermonsters

ADVICE FOR ANDROID – To best experience the game, check your GPS location settings and make sure they are set to GPS only, with no assistance from wifi or data, as this can confuse the games radar.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact:



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